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150 South State Street
La Verkin, UT, 84745


We are a wholesale and retail dealer of rare gems and minerals, based in Utah. We specialize in selling Rare Rough Rock, Slabs, Cabs, Jewelry, and Lapidary Equipment from across the world. We are known for our quality materials such as Turquoise and Agates of all varieties, Dinosaur Bone, Variscite, Variquoise, Tiffany Stone, Geodes, and much much more.

About Us

Founder Paul Hanks at one of our many Gem and Mineral Showcases.

Founder Paul Hanks at one of our many Gem and Mineral Showcases.

It all started

with a rock. Ok, it started with a lot of rocks. Paul Hanks began collecting hard to find gems and minerals from an early age. But rock-hobby turned infatuation and Paul began running retail spaces in several international gem and mineral shows.

We all know what it's like to be young (kind of) and in love. One thing led to another and Paul created Rare Rock Shop in 2004 with an online retail store and a wholesale space in West Jordan, Utah.

Rare Rock Shop is growing up, as tots often do. We've outgrown our old spaces and expanded. To keep up with demand, the company opened this online store along with a retail and wholesale space in a town on the trail to Zion National Park known as La Verkin, Utah.

We need your help to make sure Rare Rock Shop grows up healthy and strong. Feel free to contact us and, heck, pick something up on the way out.